Friday, January 01, 2010


The problem with blogging, as I see it, is that it can soon become this kind of masturbatory exercise in diary-writing, in which everything one says is exposed to the world to see and ponder over just because, well, we can. The technology allows us to. It's easier to write about whatever is bopping around in our brains at the moment than it is to actually sit down and think about something that people might actually want to read, something that has depths, something that alters the way you see and think about the universe.

Which is probably why I haven't been blogging very much in the past few months.

Writing itself is a particularly selfish form of vanity, and perhaps it's even more vain to suggest that one won't write until one has 'deep, deep, deep' thoughts, because then the moment you post something that you think is somewhat dense, it will be read by somebody who will inevitably, probably properly think: "That's what you think is a 'deep thought', Spencer? I prefer daily drivel."

The odd thing is that I quite like snooping in and around other people's blogs when they simply write about their daily lives, as it gives me a glimpse into how others see the world, or at least their world(s).

But I fear that the whole purpose of writing -- namely communicating to others -- can be lost if writing turns into a way to communicate with only onself, and then parade it off for the world to see.

That's a problem I have with Twitter. Many witty thoughts, expressed, um, wittily, but after awhile all of those random quips seldom seem to add up to much of anything at all.

The larger point being, for anyone out there who still occasionally reads this blog: I will try to post a bit more in the coming few weeks and months. I will try to make them somewhat substantial. I will try to make them fairly consistent. I will probably fail in both regards. So be it.

Where I am, it's already 2010. Where most of you are, it's just about to be.

Best wishes for the coming twelve months.


Erin B. McGann said...
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Erin B. McGann said...

Your writing style suggests to me that you might enjoy Herman Hesse's "Narcissus and Goldmund". I've just started blogging/ reading others' blogs and yours is the first I've crossed with substance. Props to you! Cheers!

Scott said...

Thanks for the reading suggestion and the comments! Good luck with your own blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

Sometimes rambling is fun! Deep thoughts are deep eg. if a tree falls in the forest and no one "reported" it on Twitter does that mean that no one heard it?

Do both when the mood strikes. Dad

Anonymous said...

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