Monday, July 14, 2008


Snaps from my Cross-Cultural Communications class.

These students are second-year students, which means they are a heck of a lot more outspoken, funny, rowdy, and unimpressed-or-scared-by-the-foreign-teacher than most first-year students. (Though all were quite enjoyable to teach...)


Noi said...

I love that ALL of the students made the peace sign in the photo :)

You look so professional. Now I see how you manage to fool everyone...

Scott said...

Actually, I only dressed up for the photos. I teach my classes shirtless, wearing only boxers, with a jug of gin and a pack of smokes on my desk for those inevitable 'lulls' in the lesson.

And it's a Japanese law that everybody, at all times, in all photos, MUST flash the peace sign.

aishamummy said...

I recently came across you blog and adore it! My father has cancer and every once in a while I find carefully order words that offer me light. "Thinking of cancer makes you think of death and disease and decay and degeneration on a daily basis, but it also makes you think of fragile things, and fragility has its own, autonomous grace. Being fragile, we can shatter easily, but because of that delicacy, we can also feel more intensely."

I love "and fragility has its own, autonomous grace"

Best regards