Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'm flat-out fucking floored by the fact that a suspect has been arrested in Thailand in the murder of child beauty-queen Jon Benet Ramsey.

Why the shock?

Because last year (as I recorded in this blog), I became slightly obsessed with the decade-old Ramsey case, after reading a wonderful book that convinced me, big-time, that the killer of the kid was her mother, Patsey Ramsey, who recently passed away from cancer.

After researching the case, pondering the evidence, weighing the probabilities, I was convinced that the mother, in a fit of rage, accidentally killed her daughter -- and that the husband then helped her cover it up.

Now, this new news shakes everything up.

I thought I was quite the amateur sleuth. I thought I'd figured it out. I thought the book was closed and that a murderer had passed away without serving justice.

Damn, I guess I don't know everything after all.

Let's just say I'll be following the upcoming developments pretty darn closely.

(And I still think she did it...)


roselle said...

really? thailand?
i never quite got the whole pineapple connection...
then again i haven't put in the hours and hours of nancy-drewing that you have! =P

Scott said...

I'm already suspicious about this guy. Fascinated with murder cases, researching them for many years, his ex-wife claiming he wasn't in Boulder when the murders were committed. I think he may be a nut who wants attention.

Let's see what develops in the next few days...

Amanda said...

I have to agree with you Scott. Although i think its more than just being a nutcase, an American prison is alot better than a Thai one.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that if they have the DNA like they say they do, it's just a matter of time, then the truth will come out.