Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Given that I haven't really seen enough of last year's films to produce a comprehensive list, I've decided instead to offer my top ten Steve Guttenberg films (a tradition I started last year, so why stop now?):

1. Police Academy
2. Diner
3. Police Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol
4. Short Circuit
5. The Bedroom Window
6. Three Men and a Baby
7. Cocoon
8. Police Academy III: Back In Training
9. Cocoon: The Return
10. Three Men And A Little Lady


Jim said...

I think Guttenberg might have
peaked with Diner early in his
career.The Police Acacdemy movies
were funny but I don't think they
got him a lot of other good roles.
Mickey Rourke and Kevin Bacon on
the other hand could have had better agents.

Scott said...

Guttenberg may have peaked early on, true, but you can't tell me that his performance alongside Shelly Long in DON'T TELL HER IT'S ME wasn't one of the greatest performances on celluoid since Brando in STREETCAR...

Le Will said...

I don't agree, that performance didn't have the subtlety and grace that he showed in Police Academy III. :)

Jim said...

I may be wrong Scott but I think
that's probably the first time
that Guttenberg's name was used
in the same sentence as Brando.
But then they say an infinite number of monkeys typing.....