Friday, December 02, 2005


Two different signs at two different points in the road:

Sign #1:

Welcome to Bagiuo City! The Cleanest City In The Philippines...

Sign #2:

Welcome to Baguio City! Smoke Belchers Will Be Prosecuted...

Now, this is what I'm thinking.

Is Baguio City the cleanest city in the Philippines simply because all the smoke belchers have been prosecuted? Are all these smoke belchers, felons that they are, crowded together in some dingy, needless to say smoky cell at the bottom of the police station somewhere?

Because goddamnit, if there's one thing I could never, ever stand, it was smoke-belchers. Don't know about you.


Jim said...

You should start the Filipino branch of Smoke-Belchers Anonymous.
It's a dirty job but somebody needs
to do it.

Amanda said...

i hate those smoke-belchers...may they rot in hell!

this is definitely something that would inspire a post from me, as well.