Sunday, March 06, 2005


My life is a movie, and others are watching it for their own enjoyment.

This is a common fantasy I had as a kid, and I've heard others voice the same thing -- that there were times, when young, when they suspected that the life they were living was not what it appeared to be on the surface, that it was actually part of a larger cinematic enterprise that was being played out for unseen, possibly uncaring, spectators.

For example: I'd watch a movie and think: These people don't know they're in a movie, so why can't it be the same for me? Maybe I'm in the movie, and right now people are eating popcorn and drinking Coke and getting up to pee and making out and checking their watches because they find the story of my life boring.

Maybe that's the case. Maybe we're all trapped behind an unseen silver screen. Maybe the air that we breathe is Cineplex Odeon's.

So it all makes sense -- our personal problems and failures, our ridiculous trials and tribulations, not to mention tsunamis and earthquakes and other natural disasters, like Chernobyl, or Anna Nicole Smith. We're all part of an out-of-control disaster flick, that's all.

Comforting, really.

I'm wondering how it ends, and whether a sequel is possible...


Muktuk said...

Sometimes I view my life as like a soundtrack. Some times are more emotional than others and so I have different kinds of music. Like when I'm driving, feeling free I'll have like a 90's rock song. When I'm studying, it's usually some alternative song inadvertently hinting that the "grass is greener" somewhere. When I'm having a romantic experience, I usually revert to 80's music. When I'm in nature, feeling nature, I revert inward and usually some Tori Amos song or something is playing.

I always think it'd be cool if other people could hear my music too, then they'd know exactly how I was feeling down to the tee:)

Scott said...

That would be cool, yes, but what if they don't like the music that you are? What if they think you're a Reba McIntyre person and they find out you're a Megadeth one???

bethanie_odd said...

When I was young I used to watch my brother play RISK by himself. I figured we all were in the same senario with some dude putting us in differnet zones and not really picking sides. Then when I got older I watched him and his friend play chess and started wonding if I was a pawn, rooke etc to the puppet master. I wonder what my mentality would have been had he enjoyed UNO.

Muktuk said...

Hm, it's funny, but their approval didn't even enter into my mind's scenario. It was mainly just the fact that someone else could truly appreciate the extent of my emotions. Not that they would be subject to judgment for approval or disapproval or even disagreement.

It's indicative of my ideologic nature that thinks people should just know about others and not necessarily react all the time I guess.